“I want to cut a 9×13 recipe in half.” These 3 tips can help.

Sometimes you’ll find a great recipe that requires a 9 x 13 pan, but you don’t want to make that much. You can safely cut most recipes in half without fear of ruining them. Here’s some tips that might help.

  • An 8×8 is just slightly larger than 1/2 the volume and area of a 9×13. This is the pan for you.
  • Consider shortening the baking time by five minutes.
  • If your recipe calls for one egg, go ahead and use one whole egg. It will be slightly wetter, but you don’t want to try to halve an egg.

There are good reasons for cutting a recipe in half. Some folks are happier about leftovers than others and no one wants to have a half empty pan sitting around. A solution many people use is to make the whole recipe but split it between two pans; serve one and freeze the other. In that case, two 8x8x2 pans will work.

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